Monday, September 16, 2019


 In one accord.  Oh, what power and prosperity does the same produce!  Look back over history and ponder what such accord has accomplished!  The same can still happen...

"One confidence--
what power to produce!
In Church, if we be one accord
what would the same induce?
For there be power in numbers, Lord,
but, more so, power IN YOU!
If we would join in heart, o God,
what would the same endue?
We KNOW that You can do all things,
we KNOW You're in control;
but lest we have one heart, o God,
we cannot be made whole!
ONE HEART--with disagreements, yes,
united, though, in YOU--
the same, for it shall overcome
and see each of us through!

One heart--united by the Blood 

that You have shed for all!
One mission--reaching out to others,
that THEY know The Call!
So be it as we advance
in the days, the days that are;
knowing, Lord, that Your return, 
it cannot be that far!"

So much to do for Him, but knowing not how much time there is to do it.  The same should induce an urgency into them that belong to Him to assure that others have the same opportunity!  It be our calling if we are saved, whoever and wherever we are!  That which we have dwelling in us is the ONLY Hope for the days that are!


Sunday, September 15, 2019


Reassurance is something that each and every one of us need in this life.  But it is also good for us to often do the same when we open up to Him...

"You are God--the ONLY God--

not one be more supreme!
Jesus Christ--for You are Lord,
all other be mere scheme!
You are exalted, You alone;
all things do You create!
The Master over everything--
none other be so great!!
Yet too many in this life attempt
to elevate much less!
We see the pattern throughout time:
they end up in a mess!
BUT GOD, You so continue on
in primacy alone,
and blessed we are, so blessed indeed
that, by You, we are known!

O God, know You're the greatest in
the life of THIS one man!
I recognize and serve You, Father,
and You see that "I can!"
O see to it that Your boldness and
your confidence abound;
and I will see that Your Supremacy,
in heart, is found!"

We are tempted at every hand--by the the enemy...even by well-meaning people.  But we MUST keep Christ most high in our hearts and in our daily lives lest the enemy finds a foothold.  Yes, even in The Church, we must keep our focus on Jesus Christ!


Saturday, September 14, 2019


There is so much happening in this world...and it's not all good!  However, God is also happening constantly in this world and beyond, AND HE IS GOOD!  He also has some wonderful, settled promises...
Wickedness shall NEVER overcome;
evil--it shall NEVER be the sum!
For God is good, and there's no greater power,
regardless what's occurring at the hour!
For attitudes in life, they vary so;
and diversity is every heart to know;
but 'goodness' is instilled before all life
as God existed before any strife!

Press on, and weary not in doing well
even if nobody else can tell,
even when life 'seems' to fall apart,
hear and heed Him dwelling in the heart!
For God--He has not given up on you,
regardless what THIS world attempts to do!
He loves, He trusts, He wants you to believe!
And greatness would He have you to achieve!

Wickedness and evil--not the end.
If you are His, success will be your end!
In spite of that which happens all around,
stand firm in Jesus Christ--you will be sound!
For in this world He is the ONLY Way
to survive and to abound each day!
The enemy may 'appear' to so abound,
but Omnipresent God--He's all around!

HOPE.  Jesus Christ is THE Hope and Assurance in this insecure world.  No matter what you see or hear or feel, Almighty God is aware of ALL and He has already prevailed!  CLING TO THAT!!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

The God of...EVERYONE!

God is so good!  He was, He is, and He will be...EVERYTHING!  And He wants to be with and share it with matter who you are!

"No matter how 'smart' we become,

Omniscient God You are!
You are intelligence alone,
and we are yet so far!
The knowledge and the wisdom
anybody may possess,
the same--it is a gift from You--
You generously bless!
So lead us, Father, to use it
to bless You and each other.
I glorify You at all times,
but do I touch my brother?
He sees me raise my hands to You,
but do I give him a hand?
If not, the love I have for You,
how will he understand?

You are so good.  You are so great;
so generous also!
You share Your wisdom with the ones
desiring to know!
And that too great for us to grasp
you take care of as well.
Omniscient God.  All-knowing God--
all persons to compel!

God is not just 'the God of the educated.'  His desire is to have a personal relationship with EVERYONE!  It matters not how smart, wealthy, successful, prosperous or not we are, HE LOVES US THE WAY WE ARE!  No matter what anyone has told you or what you may 'assume,' GOD WANTS YOU!
He loves us enough to love us the way we are, but He loves us TOO MUCH to leave us that way!  Let Him do His perfect work in you.  Trust me.  He has great plans for you!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Another sunny, peaceful, beautful day in America.  However, it has NEVER been without price...

What defines a "hero?"

Where do we find the same?
For there be plenty books and movies
whence some make the claim.
But life--it is reality,
and heroes DO exist;
and as we go from day to day
they are all about our midst:
that one with badge that's running in
when a crime is found...
that one with hat, arriving when
a place seems so unsound...
that 'average neighbor' being there
reaching out his hand...
ANYONE who offers help--
together do we band!
And "hero" be that one rebuilding
normalcy to life
when anything occurs inducing
pain or grief or strife!
Today do we recall so many
with honor and gratitude,
and thanks to God for placing them--
invisibly or viewed!
We honor them with silence...
we honor them with celebration...
for without doing so, we be
a very lesser nation!

Today be a day of solace; today be a day of remembrance; today be a day of honor for all of those who rush(ed) in when disaster strikes.  Make sure this day does not pass in your life without a time of reflection on all the heroes that responded on 9/11, and those who did not live to see 9/12.  God bless each one of them!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019


There's that guy again.  Doesn't he care that other people need to park there?!  Doesn't he care what he looks like or how he's dressed for this place?!

"You park your motorcycle

most anywhere you please...
your language and tattoos, they take
away my patrons' ease...
you appear to possess no regard
for anybody's guise...
and, worse than that, I stand and judge you
with my very eyes!
None of us saw you yesterday
as you sat by the road
 changing a tire for that lady--
carrying her load;
very few saw you last week as you
listened to the sermon,
we only choose to look at you
and group you with "the vermin!"

So ride your motorcycle!  Ride it

freely, ride it proud!
And pay no heed to 'attitudes'
of this ignorant crowd!
We do not know the life you have,
we walk not in your shoes;
BUT GOD, He knows your giant heart
and, in Him, you can't lose!"

That same guy that flew past you on the road today with his hair flying in the breeze is the same guy that sits behind you in service several times a week.  Pay attention, and guard your heart from judging!  You don't always know who's been through what, and you surely don't know the many ways God uses whom He wants.


Monday, September 9, 2019

Life Unscripted

Ahh...a brand new day.  So many many many expectations.  But are they always realistic?  And whose plans are they, anyway?

"Though life may drive me into places
I don't want to be...
though I may face some tasks or duties
foreign unto me...
though I be scorned and ridiculed,
oh Father, for the same,
Your Spirit is there to minister,
and glory finds Your Name!

I may not have got done today

what I set out to do,
but what I did exceeded and
brought praise, lord, unto You!
Success I know obeying You
and THAT not of this world;
such is not always 'wealth and fame'
but 'accomplishment' unfurled!

Yea, life--it did not go quite like
I saw when I arose,
but I see You were there, in Person,
as day comes to a close;
and the world is a better place
because of what YOU'VE done
through such as we as we obeyed
the leading of Your Son!"

Yes, keep those plans and dreams.  LIVE ON PURPOSE.  But remember that You are merely a willing tool in God's hand, and He has plans that are far greater than we can understand!