Thursday, February 20, 2020

The need is great!

From my office, I look out the window across the street.  My neighbor is staring at a problem and scratching his head.  He'll figure it out.  I have work to do...

My neighbor is in trouble.
My neighbor needs a hand.
That means that I must set aside
the task that I had planned!
But reaching out and helping him--
it is of most import,
and, in doing so, He will see God
in many different sort.

Regardless what I had to do,

I know it will be done
because I know the faithfulness
of Jesus Christ The Son!
My neighbor may not have such access
to a mighty God;
and I know what I do for him will
cause him to, Christ, applaud.

Yes, my neighbor right now has a need,

and I can meet the same.
In doing so, I know it will
bring glory to God's name!
In doing 'ordinary'
extraordinary comes about,
as, in the meeting of his need,
the very heavens shout!

"But who is my neighbor..."  Jesus settled such query years ago.  Wherever you are, whatever time of day it is, there is a neighbor nearby with a need.  So endless are the opportunities to serve, and God knows the affect it will have when you step in!


Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Beyond vision

Driving along.  The wind and rain be driving, too!  The pastures, trees and valleys go as far as the eye can see.  Too, cliffs of solid rock line the way where they have cut away to make the highway.
And something else: evergreens are growing out of that 'solid rock!'  How can this be?  How can something take root where there seems to be no 'good ground?'
What about the heart?  God can and does do the same with the heart!  We know, each of us, someone in our lives that we determine has a 'stone-cold' heart.  Has God given up on them?  Does HE see them that way?  No.  Even though THEY may not appear to possess the 'proper' soil that it takes to make something grow, God can cause something beautiful to spring from them and flourish!
Those evergreens that line the rocky hillsides appear to have nothing in which to sink their roots, but look how long they have been there, and look at how beautiful they are!
Let us be very careful not to write someone off or give up on them just because of 'outward appearances' or where they come from.  God doesn't!  We do not know all that they have been through, (or what is contained inside of them,) that may cause them to 'appear' that way.
Give people a chance.  You never know what kind of jewels are concealed by our outlook, assumption or our outright ignorance!

Tuesday, February 18, 2020


This life is not immune from injury.  The next life, for the redeemed, will be!  Until then, we press on through the ups-and-downs, the bumps and bruises, the hills and valleys...

The pain is so intense
it causes me to wince;
as long as I must move,
the same may not improve!
My love, she lies beside.
Her concern can't be denied;
her questions cause pain too,
through her concern so due.
For she saw it all occur
and felt 'helpless' as it were,
as that which caused this pain
leaves my memory once again.
For what does not improve
is discomfort as I move;
BUT GOD, He saw it too--
He WILL heal and make anew!
For what occurred today
will shortly go away,
but God, and my precious wife,
will remain daily in my life.
For they both love me best,
therefore, I WILL pass this test!

Yes, the pain--it is intense.

Sometimes, the same, it makes no sense;
and the present victory,
in THAT moment, it will be!
For His Blood retains its power,
and He comes in proper hour
His victory to bring--
therefore, I have cause to sing!

Yes, I have plenty of cause to sing!  The words and verses are not promised to be painless, but they are promised to continue to flow!  AND HE IS WORTHY OF THOSE VERSES, regardless how one may 'feel!'


Monday, February 17, 2020

Pastor Snider

I was informed of the passing of a dear man who was quite instrumental in shaping my spiritual life.  As painful as it is, I take comfort in knowing that he is suffering no longer, and he is now rejoicing in the very Presence of JESUS!

A life of dedication

and service to His Lord.
During such, so many memories
did he afford!
His wisdom and his teaching
yet benefit us still!
Remember Pastor Snider, oh,
but all my life I will!

So versed in Holy Scripture,

he offered it always!
Regardless of the service, Jesus
always got the praise!
so fitting for this man;
So very fortunate be each
who knew him by God's Plan!

And fortunate be Heaven now,

his spirit to receive!
Pastor Snider may be 'gone'
but he will NEVER leave!
He lives inside the memory,
and He resides in heart!
So gracious God to let him be,
of our lives, just a part!

Yes, fortunate and wealthy be those of us containing memories of this godly man!  Due his steady diligence in listening to God, reading and teaching His Word, our lives be all the richer!

We love you, Pastor Snider!

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Qualities in Him!

Peace,  Confidence.  Stability.  These priceless qualities can become yours when you have a relationship with Jesus...

When Jesus Christ--the Son of God,

calls you His very Own,
qualities so positive,
inside you, can be known!
And that peace that passes understanding
you can share with others,
as rampant be the strife amongst
your sisters and your brothers!
And 'issues' oh so minor can be
constant on the way,
but you can share that indwelt Peace
in all you do and say!
For absent be those qualities
in many in the race;
and that stability He gives
can help them with the pace!

The qualities of 'calm' that come

from Jesus Christ alone;
the totality of benefits--
but how could such be known?!
But necessary and desired
be the very same;
and all availed so freely in
the glory of His Name!

The name of Jesus.  The Person of Jesus.  The relationship with Jesus that is most vital in this life--all freely given as we give Him our heart!  We are so blessed!

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Daily Challenge

For some of us, each day seems like a challenge.  For others, it is a breeze.  It's not God 'playing favorites,' it's just daily life and it affects every one of us!

In many situations,

so dire, so bizarre,
the hand of His protection
is guard against the scar!
Oft times, our very calling
takes us to unsecure,
but even THOSE locations,
His chosen, shall endure!
Just look back to Elijah,
way back into God's Word,
was he intimidated
when such as this occurred?
Did he not face the awfullest,
the danger, the bizarre?
Yet God most high, with his Own hand,
did shield him from all scar!
And what of other prophets?
What so became THEIR fate?
Did Jesus not protect, provide,
preserve them 'til that date,
that date that EVERY man will know
that only God decides?
For we shall prosper, suffer and live
as long as He decides!

Life--it has more variables
than any of us know;
BUT GOD, He knows of ALL of it,
so obey His call and GO!

Not one of us have been guaranteed a life free of challenges.  We ARE, however, guaranteed that we will not go through them alone!  Jesus Himself promises that, and it is proven anew each day we face!

Monday, February 10, 2020

Making sense

We say the same things...yet it may have many meanings depending on where we are or who our audience is:

"You suffered for our good, oh Lord;

You even died for all!
The things that you endured would have
the hardiest appalled!
Through every situation, though,
Your victories emerged!
Due Your sufferings and resolve
our very sins be purged!

You suffered for our good, oh lord,
and NOT 'religiously!'
'Religion' will not foster life,
and THAT abundantly!
RELATIONSHIP with You will cause
our body, spirit and soul
to manifest life in this place
and make completely whole!

Your love, Your grace, Your mercy, Lord,
is greatest in this life!
Your Presence only will abound us,
getting us through strife!
And getting us into a future
that contains all good!
Your message--it is Life, oh God,
and, further it, I should!"

We need to share the Good News at a level that those who need it may understand.  We have all sorts of language that we use in the church that may not be understood elsewhere, and if what we are telling the world makes no sense, how will they desire to have what we do and what they need?