Monday, February 5, 2024

Yet Another Sign

Everywhere we go or see these days, there seems to be folks that CAN'T or WON'T get along!  Why is this?  Whatever the 'reason' be, His Word said it would come to this!  It be yet another sign of His pending return!

Why can't I have a different view
other than, than that of you?!
For God Himself has given man
the choice to follow his own plan.
Wherever that said plan may lead
resides the life that you MUST heed!
But, if I change my mind at all,
from your graces I will fall?!

There are a few beliefs secure
that each MUST cling to to endure!
Assuring that we will ascend
when comes The Trumpet at the end!
But, otherwise, we are so free
to savor living that which be!
For life contains so very much
upon which He inserts His touch!

There is so very much in life
to be enjoyed and NOT cause strife!
Let's focus on THEM and each enjoy,
and NOT, each other's life, destroy!
For there is plenty God provides
to every person that resides
absolutely everywhere!
There be no need now for 'warfare!!'

Be satisfied and celebrate
our differences instead of hate!
For God has made us, one and all,
with different talent, different call.
Let us focus on 'variety'
and shun that which, an anger, be!
LIFE, it shall then be enjoyed
as JESUS' statutes be employed!

When you really get down to it, WE HAVE IT SO GOOD!  And that is because we follow the footsteps of Christ and the examples He gives!  For He provides more freedoms in His Word than restrictions, SO STAY IN HIS WORD!


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