Saturday, February 10, 2024

We Already Have 'MORE!'

In this life, folks spend lifetimes and fortunes attempting to obtain the "next" _________ that will give them satisfaction!  It differs for each person, yet onward they strive.  God watches this from a distance and probably just shakes His head, because He has ALREADY provided THE BEST!

Striving, so and laboring
at jobs and undertakings.
Each and all of us must do so
to obtain our 'makings!'
The 'better we are at a task,
the more we shall be paid.'
In a sane society,
that's how a living's made!

There is a populace, however,
who have it in their mind
that they must labor CONSTANTLY,
enjoyment then to find!
They even put their families
second to the same!
Years later, loneliness and grief-
it be their only claim!
'Satisfaction' is a term
they cannot understand!
For they must have the 'next' and 'greatest'
availed in the land!
They can't enjoy the fruits of what
their labors have produced!
They failed to learn how to enjoy-
and they're without excuse!

BUT GOD has so engrained in ALL
the know-how to ENJOY!
Some must polish up a bit,
this 'know-how' to employ!
THEN will balance come to us
in every phase of life!
THEN will be much less 'regretting,
pain, and even strife!'

'Being happy with what you have.'  It is an art form!!  It is a blessing!  And it is truly satisfactory as we live from day-to-day.  Find where you truly belong and give it a try.  You WILL NOT be disappointed!

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