Sunday, February 11, 2024

Trees Innumerable!

Good morning!  The coffee is hot!   Why don't you join me as I behold His grand creation once again?

The trees, in multiplicity, 
are budding fully now.
Every different one of them,
each branch and every bough!
Everywhere the eyes are cast,
a blessing there will be!
Frawns or needles, leaves and twigs
that, very soon, we'll see!

Brand new nests cling tightly to them
through all that's happening.
We so look forward to the different
voices that will sing!
Only weeks away be Spring
and all it has anew.
Oh, the 'great awakening'
erupting on the view!

But, that which is in sight now-
miles of barren trees!
(Except the evergreen, of course!
We oh so treasure these!)
I behold them and converse
with Him Who made each one!
The One Who even made our lives
by sending us His Son!
I sing His gratitude, of course,
as He joins us this day,
and listens to my every word
as I take time to pray!

Another beautiful Ozark morning.  Full of life...full of beauty...full of peace...and full of serving Him Who is worthy of That Praise!


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