Saturday, February 3, 2024

Sunday at the Shoreline

Sunday.  Beautiful Sunday!  After spending time at the house of God, we pick up lunch and head over to the coast to enjoy each other and the wonder of HIS Creation!
On this day, the sun shines gloriously!  However, the wind has picked up as we look out across the ocean...

The currents have their courses as
they crash against the shore.
Even as they hit the islands
you can hear the roar!
The rocks along the massive coastline
bear the constant brunt!
So beautiful, the constant waves
before the coming front!

The holder of the pen delights
in glorious creation!
So very few be on the beach
enjoying recreation.
And, fewer yet, upon the sea
seeking things to eat,
as choppy be the waters, making
this Sunday complete!

"Oh, thank You for the glory of
the coast You have displayed!
Everything, Lord, that, by hand,
so long ago, you made!
It is so very wonderful,
the time that we spend here;
and so very memorable
we ever shall endear!

Afternoon upon the coast.
With God Creator we're engrossed!
Everywhere we cast our eyes
is one more sight to mesmerize!!
"You are The Maker of it all!
That's why, to You, alone, we call
to express our deepest thanks
as we relax upon the banks!"

Sunday.  Away from work for awhile.  Spending the morning in His House.  Taking the afternoon, though, to experience the glory of the mighty Pacific!  Nothing to distract, only glory to attract us to The One Who fashioned it all by hand: GOD MOST HIGH!

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