Thursday, February 8, 2024

Signs of Assurance!

The signs they are aplenty!  Any day now, those of us who are born-again could find ourselves in a whole new, PERFECT world!!  "EVEN SO, COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!"

Signals of the 'End of Days'
as laid out in The Word!
Just look around and tune the ear--
they're very clearly heard!
Weather unconventional
happening everywhere!
Even as The Writer penned
in His Word somewhere!

And love for one another--it is
surely waxing cold!
Even between the 'Born-Again--'
a story oh so old!
Them that refer to Him as 'Savior'
no longer seem to care!
(Unless you are a 'member' or,
the same belief, you share!)

And countries in the middle east
can't seem to get along!
Even those who live each day
doing nothing wrong!
Those who bless His Israel,
(as written long ago,)
are turning on His Chosen One
so violently, you know?!
Other countries in that place
now garner sympathy
as, once again, God's Holy Word,
predicted it would be!

Signs of End of Times, they are
but everywhere around.
Make sure that Jesus Christ the Lord,
inside your heart, is found!
The Trumpet He avowed could sound,
so answer, ye, His Call,
and He will catch us in the air,
where time won't be at all!

Just turn on the the paper...or listen to the talk on the streets!  The love of many has, indeed, waxed cold in the days that are!  I promise you HIS RETURN IS IMMENENT!!


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