Thursday, February 8, 2024

Old Glory in the Wind!

Driving here and there.  Getting as much done as I can while I can.  As I go, however, the winds are quite sturdy, and one thing catches my eye each time I pass one...

Old Glory is just about straight out

as the winds are very stout!!
Savoring the sunlight, though,
in a week four seasons blow!

We get done what we can outside,
while there is sun to know!
Tonight shall start the rain again,
and Sunday calls for snow?!

Nonetheless, there is so much
that must, still must be done.
The daily duties carried out
by most everyone!
No matter who we are, there are
things each day to be done.
Fortunate are we that, this day's,
takes place in the sun!
And, from a hill upon my route
I scan the landscape wide,
and watch the Stars and Stripes that wave
be straight out as they're flied!

It is a wonder God included
in this job that He gave
out of His hand unto this man:
to see That Banner wave!
And to behold the landscapes He
Included on this route!
"O my Father, each and every
day, I'll be devout!"

Blessed, so blessed are them that have opportune to behold Creator God as they go about their day!  He gives us these 'jobs' to bless us, you know?  Do not forget to bless Him in return in whatever it is He has called YOU to do!

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