Friday, February 9, 2024

Master of The Maze

One of my favorite "things" to do is to live for Him!  After all, HE IS WORTHY, and there is NO other way to obtain Heaven, and none better to watch over you!!

He is exalted over all!
Above all everything!
There is nothing that exists that
is greater than The King!
More than can be 'manufactured'
by anyone, anywhere!
Still, for the very least of us
He has the greatest care!

The mercy of the Lord, the love,
His passion and His sense
for each and everyone alive-
such needs no recompense!
He knows what we did before
we knew Him as our Lord,
He knows us now, (tomorrow, too,)
yet Love does He afford!

For there is NOTHING we can do
to merit His great favor!
And ALL that we've done wrong already,
His Blood becomes The Waiver!
Even those things in the future
we do and know are wrong,
the Power in the blood of Him,
for those things, is so strong!

Savior, Friend, Master, Lord!
To go through this life WITHOUT Him,
Available is He unto all
that call Him with the heart!
From that point, His Presence grand,
it never shall depart!!

So many folks I know THINK they can master the maze of life without the Master of The Maze.  They are sadly mistaken!  They even attempt to create their own 'god!'  Such is an insult to the One, True God!  AND THEY DO'T EVEN HAVE TO!!  We must only call on Jesus to be our Saviour!  Unfortunately, for some, that is too high a price.

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