Sunday, February 4, 2024

Inside Inspiration

Inside, as it has been raining here for several days!  Regardless, He meets me where I am...wherever that may be!  And that's exactly what God will do for YOU: meet you where you are!

The rain is falling once again
across the open land.
As I work upon the words,
He guides me with His hand!
I know that when the page is done,
a message will remain,
one the edifies The Lord,
one that sees His cause gain.
For He takes the words and verses that
are so alive inside,
assembles and arranges them
so He is glorified!
He even takes the situations
that are happening,
turning them in such a way
that He gets magnifying!

Though rain is falling constantly,
and storms be just ahead,
I can go around the world
with words and verses said!
Words and verses I receive
as I yield to The Spirit-
He has ways for multitudes
to sense, to feel, to hear it!
After all, they are His words,
I have them but on loan.
Not a thing this pen dispenses
can I claim as 'my own!'
Yet will I continue so
to yield to Him my pen.
For He has means to get His words
unto so many men!

Dedicated to The Lord.  So many folks do it in so many ways!  This man has been doing it with words, at His leading, since 1968!  GOD IS SO GOOD!


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