Monday, February 12, 2024


Are you the same person I saw in church?!  I sure hope so.  Well, maybe not?  Whoever you are when we are NOT in service is who I hope you are!  And YOU should hope to be the same person, as well!

Angelic hosts and beings are

as Jesus Christ attends!
The Presence of His Holiness-
it never, ever ends!!
The glory of His Majesty
fills up where're He be,
and blessed, so blessed be this man
that He is here with me!!

Whatever I have scheduled, He says
"I won't get in the way!
In fact, I will participate
with you, if that's okay?
Most people see My Presence and
they stop what's going on,
and try to be 'something better'
until they think I'm gone!
Why can't...why WON'T they just continue
being who they are??
I see and know the depths of them,
but even from afar!!
I want you just to be yourself,
and let Me be Me.
That way, the Truth of life you can
enjoy so full, so free!"

Angelic hosts abound around
as we live constantly!
Why don't we just go ahead and LIVE?
For He has set us free!!
Do all we can while knowing that
He's constantly around-
that way, the blessings of His hand
will constantly abound!

Are you 'one person on Sunday, and someone else at all other times?'  That is NOT what He called us to be!  
Each of us are individual.  That's how He created us, and that's what He wants us to be...even in His Presence!

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