Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Finally, Time!

Wednesday.  A day off from work.  No appointments...no doctors to see...no tasks pressing around the house...some 'ME' time...FINALLY!

Finally, a day of silence...
stillness...perfect peace!
No duties...no appointments...
just 'degrees' that would increase!

Time for winter disappearing...
time to watch little birds appearing...
and time for to enjoy the 'things'
that having 'free time' always brings!

And time to catch up on the 'hobbies'
fallen by the way.
I have Hot Wheels to computerize
amassed since Christmas day!
They have not been put away since then
since I have been astray.
So many things are going on-
but NONE upon this day!
So, I will try to get caught up
on that which is behind,
that which I enjoy so much,
in such pleasure I find!

A day of silence, doing that
which I enjoy so much!
Such could only be arranged
by God the Father's touch!
He is The Maker of ALL days
that we get to enjoy!
It is HIS attributes that we
must constantly employ!!

Time off.  Most days considered such are filled with appointments and tasks that we cannot do on a workday!  But today is different.  Today is precious!  And I will make the most of this time that He has blessed me with!  PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!


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