Friday, January 5, 2024

What It's About!!

So many folks that we know have so many 'gauges' for success!  You may be one of them!  God Most High looks at but ONE Gauge!  His Name is Jesus!  And 'it' is about nothing else!

It's not about what you have
accumulated in the bank.
Thinking that's your 'safety net,'
determining your rank!

It is not the amount of cars
from all points of the globe..;
the 'exotics' or 'antiques,
to which, you proudly hold!
It's not about the real estate,
It's not about 'position,'
it's not about your 'standing' or
your physical condition!

It IS about 
with Jesus Christ as Lord!!
His perfect love inside our lives,
but constantly, be poured!
It is about having Him
residing in your heart!
For He desires the whole of you,
and NOT just 'merely part!'

It's all about the Son of God,
Jesus Christ, as Lord!
Not just 'a Man you hear about,'
but honored and adored!
It is about including Him
in everything you do-
allowing Him to steer your path
and make your heart anew!

And it's not a one-time deal, either!  Time with Jesus alone must be spent EVERYDAY, and including Him in all of your activities!

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