Sunday, January 28, 2024


You never know what the day will bring.  What the weather will bring!  There is ONE, however, Who knows what each day will He creates each one!  And so blessed and fortunate are them that belong to Him!

All four seasons in one week?
And, now, the fog makes vision weak!!
Those upon highway and road
must be so cautious with their load!
Business Down at Home Depot,
because of elements, is slow!

Thus, with a day to pass the time,
I sit with God and capture rhyme!
His voice--it is pure poetry...
His Presence--so genuine it be!
His conversation with this man
does more than any other can!
And His laughter--oh so real,
all of this, you deeply feel!

A day with God, the Great creator!
There is no day that could be greater!
The wisdom that He freely shares...
the level of the love He cares...
the pure emotion in His eyes...
And His great control of all
bids Him to be our Wherewithal!

All four seasons in one week?!
Granted such a truth is freak!
BUT GOD is more dependable,
and so much more reliable!
No matter what the season be,
unchangeable, trustworthy He!
And so loving...gentle...kind.
No great Father can one find!

This was written 10 days ago, and I am just now able to get to it.  Of course, the weather has changed since then...BUT GOD IS STILL THE SAME! 
Whatever YOU are going through, always know that it is temporary, and YOUR situation will eventually increase!


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