Tuesday, January 30, 2024


Here we are at the end of January...and the trees are beginning to sprout!!  Too, we are savoring temperatures that are more common to March?!  GOD IS SO AMAZING!

The buds are plenty on the limbs
as January sings out hymns!
One more opportunity to live...
one more opportunity to give!
But TIME--an opportunity
to be with God--the Life of me!
In ALL does He participate,
making life so very great!
And all of life points back to God--
be it perfect or be it flawed.
He WANTS to so participate,
He is so good...He is so great!
He wants to join and get involved!
For when He does, oh, so much is solved!

Before the life of life today,
I MAKE the time for just HIS way!
Such assures that sweet victory,
but all throughout the day, will be!
And such makes sure He'll return me
back to the buds and birds that be
abounding in His grand creation,
His glory and His celebration!

The celebration of the Spring-
it is affecting EVERYTHING!
It generates such happiness
that I must enter in and bless!!

Incredible signs of Spring life...AT THE END OF JANUARY?!  God is so good!  Though His Word assures us that '...He changes not," neither does He cease to surprise us!  WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE!!

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