Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Together At Last

Very few things in life matter more than 'family!'  And the gathering of such is ALWAYS special...whenever it happens!

Laughter in a pizza place,
TOGETHER, finally--
it's on the list of the best
places I want to be!
Three very precious 'children'
to make this come about...
the fruits of serving God Most High,
to Whom we be devout!
A loving wife beside me...
two grandkids straight across...
having them all together again
makes me oblivious to loss!
And God, Himself, between us all
as we dine and make merry,
He laughs along with us as
not a burden here we carry!

All together, one more time,
no jobs or schools involved!
So very precious are these moments,
and oh so much is solved!
It's too bad life has us so spread
that these times be so rare!
but WE KNOW that, at ANY time,
there is love, compassion and care!

Still celebrating Christmas ON JANUARY 2!  However, if that's what it takes for the children to know and maintain the success that they have attained, SO BE IT!
Praise the Lord!

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