Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Three People

Three people.  All related.  All chose different paths in life.  For some of them, 'grades' in school were more difficult than for others.   But look at the three of them now!  They are successful.  They ALL make more than their parents!  And they are happy.
Why must some institutions make it more difficult on some than on others??

You give the very best you can,
you go over and above...
you study hard, you work harder,
because it's what you love!
The lessons and the tests you do-
for they are pretty rough!
Then someone, somewhere behind a screen
says 'You're not good enough!'

Already did you graduate!
Already worked the job!
Now, since you 'did not word it right,'
the fruits of such, they rob?!
'The System--' it is so unfair
lest you have degree in hand!
Only then, the wages I
deserve can I demand!
Don't give me so much promises,
'leading me along!'
Investing in things that matter most
will supplement our song!!

There is a better way
to get someone their pay:
hands-on experience,
NOT 'regulations' hence!!
NO ONE learns the same.
Abolish, then, the claim
'It must be done THIS way
for success to have its day!'

My sister, my brother and myself.  We all got different grades in school, (Don't ask about mine!) but look at each of us now: we have families, we are successful in what we do, AND WE ARE HAPPY!  And that is something that you CANNOT learn by 'possessing ANY degree' from anywhere!

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