Sunday, January 21, 2024

The Greatest Day of the Week!

Yes, it is Sunday once again!  HALLELUJAH!  I know some folk who try to find every excuse to stay at home this morning.  BUT THERE IS SO MUCH TO BE OBTAINED!!  And YOU have something to give, as well!

The Lord's Day--Sunday--Sun shines bright

upon the ivory snow.
Early on, there is no way
what all this day will know!
That's why we daily read His Word,
that's why we daily pray,
that's why we gather in His House--
so we can know His Way!

And those 'works,' they bring to us results
and victories for to know
that we can share throughout the week,
wherever we should go!
To minister
with ANYONE at all!
But WE must take that vital step
and answer to HIS CALL!
THAT will lead us to His House
where Priests and Pastors, all,
insturct us in the days that are
and help us hear His Call...
teaching us to go through life
the way that Jesus would...
teaching us the benefits
availed while He could!

The Lord's Day--oh so glorious!
So beautiful it be!
Fellowshipping with the saints
who listen and who see!
Here to grow in Jesus Christ,
to learn more and to love.
Preparation for perfection
in Paradise above!

Sunday, beautiful Sunday!  Made even more beautiful when in a body of like-minded individuals that know and seek the same things!  Find that Place of 'Belonging,' my friend!  Nothing else in life compares to it!

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