Wednesday, January 3, 2024

The God Of NEW!

Father God is pretty easy on us as we go through this life.  However, there are some stern truths that must be known...

"I am a God of all things new!

Oh, dwell not on that gone!
There is a path of victory
that I have set you on!
Compare ye not that path to others
because you are unique!
And tire not of it, for there
is always one more peak!
The times and seasons I have set
are also all your own!
Therefore, a different life for one
and all, it should be known!
What's new is everything I am
in every part of living.
A God of generosity-
I'm always, ever-giving!

Do not get settled in your life
or comfortable at all!
I will supply your every need
as you will heed my call.
I'll give you all that's necessary
for the task at hand,
as long as it's a heart-request
and not some lame demand!

A God of all things new.
I have the best for you.
I want you most of all!
Oh, be ready when I call!"

I know some who are wandering around life, just 'putting in their time,' with no direction at all.  Belonging to God and serving Him gives you firm direction!  Ask Him to abide in your heart, won't you?

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