Thursday, January 18, 2024

Technology Gone Wild!

Computers are wonderful!  They have made our lives much easier, more fun and more social!  They have also, however, been used to stereotype and use us when in the wrong hands!

Men have tried for centuries
to know the heart and mind.
Seeking to control the same
with things that they can find.
They study habits...rituals...
even our time online...
even when their time could be spent
on things so much more fine!

Massive corporations study
'algorithms' all,
thinking that, your coming needs,
they can rightly call!
BUT GOD is more intelligent
than ANY corporate tool!
And, though computers help us so,
HE retains all rule!

So many BILLION$ corporations
'invest' and freely spend
to get you to their companies,
your riches, to expend!!
Oh, be the wiser and refuse
to participate!
YOU can be the one to choose
where your riches delegate!

God has blessed us for a cause.
So, each time, take a pause
and think where YOUR funds go!
Play not into their flow!

A lot of this thinking is 'over our heads.'  THAT'S WHAT THEY ARE HOPING!!  Be wise with that which God blesses you with.  AND be grateful ALWAYS that He still does!


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