Saturday, January 6, 2024

Needy People

Needy people.  THEY ARE ALL AROUND US!  And, admit it or not, YOU are one of those needy people!  Fortunately, God Most High knows of those needs and already has made provision for them!

So very many are the folks
God places in our days.
They assist us with their varied talents
in so many ways!
Without them, there is so much less
each of us could get done.
Ahh...but these folks, they make life
productive and more fun!

And our great and mighty God,
He knows exactly who they are!
He places them strategically,
so they are NEVER far!
His wisdom--it is greater far
than we can even grasp!
So very fortunate are they
secure within His clasp!

So very many talents we
possess--each of us all!
But there be times in every life
someone else we must call.
The person with the talents that
we need He places near,
so that, what we must get accomplished,
assistance will be here!

Yes, so very many are the folks
that He has got availed.
And, HIS availability--
it has not ever failed!
Should YOU find yourself in a place
when you need help at all,
unto the Great and mighty God
you must but only call!

More and more folks are there in our lives each and every day. You may not notice them, but they notice you.  AND they care about you!  They will come through when those you expected will not.  And some of them possess talents that only God knows about!  That's just the way God is!

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