Thursday, January 11, 2024


Memory.  It can bless you, or it can torture you!  However, when we belong to God, He can make it so that bad memories become a teaching tool and use them to help others grow...IF we are willing!

Looking back, His Word has much
to say about the same!
Sometimes, it brings us anguish, as
we dwell upon the shame.
Such causes us to move no further--
stunting growth at all!
Such point to bring about demise,
even spiritual fall!

There is a difference between 'reflection'
and 'just looking back.'
And one must learn said difference
that they can stay 'on track!'
'Reflection' shows the precious growth
one's done over the years...
'looking back' brings regrets
and unnecessary fears!
For God would NOT have us to dwell
on that which causes pain!
Rather, He would have us choose
that which brings to us gain!
A fine line it is between the two
in every person's life!
For there is 'good' and 'bad' contained
in that which He calls 'strife!'

'Reflection,' it's a precious gift
God's given to each one!
We use the same to learn, to feel
rejoice and to have fun!
Learn the difference of the two
and you will progress far,
no matter what your title is,
no matter who you are!

'Reflection' and 'looking back.'  It is something that is done by everyone.  No matter who you are.  No matter what you've been through.  God gives us choices in this life.  In this particular circumstance, we can get bitter, or we can get BETTER!


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