Monday, January 22, 2024

Just a Time Ago!

Basking with the Lord today.  Our conversation seemed to reflect on how simple the 'good old days' were!  The days we're in ain't bad but look at all the restrictions... requirements...rules that MAN has put into place!

'O return me to simplicity!
it wasn't long ago
when, by a name or nickname,
everybody, you could know!
What they did or were doing was
a secret to no one...
on evenings or on weekends, we
all gathered and had fun!

Did 'technology' take over
disguising as 'advance?'
For nowadays, our 'gatherings'
don't even have a chance!
Even our hallowed churches.
electronic, have become!
That Place where we developed lasting
bonds...LOOK AT THE SUM!

Come back to me, simplicity!
You used to work just fine!
Those days when I could buy something
by 'signing on a line!'
A signature and handshake,
not a multi-page contract!
Nor a court appearance if,
the same, one would retract!

Oh Lord, that sweet simplicity
we savored long ago.
We shall know once more, when we
reside with You, I know!
"COME QUICKLY!" therefore, be the cry
of all of those belonging!
For the simplicity of Heaven-life,
we would be so longing!'

No, these days aren't too bad.  In fact, we are better off in SOME ways.  But if only some of the parts of life were SIMPLE...the way they were years ago!

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