Sunday, January 7, 2024

It's JUST Water!!

Winter has ways of affecting each of us in different ways.  Some cannot work for a few months.  Some fly to a warmer climate.  And, though it is so beautiful, some suffer pain...

'Water' wakes me up in ways
becoming painful so!
But, once I get my bearings, there's
such wonderment to know!
My precious wife, so generous,
let me sleep in 'til now,
knowing later, I'll have hours of
'Where?'  'How much? and 'How...?'

But, in the winter morning, there are
several things to do!
I must make breakfast for my wife,
and dine with her, we two.
For over 40 years we've mastered
this time--so necessary!
It is a time that we have savored
since both of us did marry!
Jesus Christ dines with us, too,
and talks about our day.
Already has He seen the things
that will come our way!
We KNOW that He will be there, but
we invite Him in always!
We've learned that, when we do, He makes
victorious the days!

Water be upon us, even
with some snow to fall!
And, in places, solid white
is blanketing it all!
understands and compensates,
making sure that victory
so joins us on these dates!

Years ago, I would hear 'the coffee crew' at the restaurant complain about their joints during winter months.  I would just laugh under my breath.  I'M NOT LAUGHING ANYMORE!!  Nor am I complaining.  It's so beautiful as I look across the land!

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