Monday, January 8, 2024


Issues...challenges...'politics'...these all go on in this great country in which we are blessed to reside!  While those things go on, other things are happening that God, Himself, has His eye on...

How fortunate be most of us
with chance to read these lines!
We do so at a comfy desk
or somewhere that reclines!
All the while, other types
of 'life' are going on.
For THOSE folks, wealth and
opportunity seem gone!

While we are 'putting in our time'
or unwinding from the day,
countless people from all over
try to find a way
to find THE life that let's each one
live "The American Dream!"
To quite a few, the same be only
"The American Scheme!"

"Oh God, the greatest gift of all
is simply 'living life!'
Another gift is doing such
with little pain and strife,
with passion and with empathy-
THAT gift, however, it is rare!
Thus, we must do our very best
dispensing love and care!
To welcome them from everyplace
and show them Jesus' love!
After all, even THIS beautiful place,
challenges, is full of!"

It is NOT a matter of 'politics!'  It IS a matter of humanity and love.  How you feel about watching someone risking their life to become an American says a lot about what is in your heart!


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