Friday, January 12, 2024

God's Helpers!

We all are in need of assistance now and then.  If you say otherwise, you are lying to yourself!  Not even the healthiest, self-sufficient person on this planet is outside of this realm!  Thus, God has placed His helpers where they need to be and when...

People--every different kind

and color there could be,
God has placed inside our lives,
(and strategically!)
There is a plethora of needs,
desires and requests,
but it is only One Same God
acting on behests!
He uses one and all to touch,
to minister and bless,
to help us out whenever we
might get into a mess!
Even when a need arises
from nowhere at all,
God Most High, in His great love,
will have someone on call!

"O thank You, God, for people that
are helpers everywhere!
You made them for our benefit.
You made them for our care!
We are so very blessed, oh God,
that we belong to You!
Helping, blessing others is
the least that we can do!

Your Word exhorts us, oh so well,
in chapter and in verse!
You spoke in Matthew's living words
what we need to rehearse!
'What you want men to do for you,
do to them even so!'

Do such, and folks so wonderful
you'll truly come to know!

Are YOU a 'helper?'  Do folks about you KNOW that, at the drop of a hat, YOU will be there to assist them in any way you can?  We are CALLED to be that way, you know?

"Whatsoever ye would have men do for you, do ye even so unto them!"
  Matthew 7:12

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