Monday, January 29, 2024


"Church time is out of the way.  I'm glad that THAT is over!" 
Is that how YOU feel after a Sunday morning service?  If so, you need to have a serious conversation with The Lord Jesus!

Church service now is over.
'That's out of the way!'
So many, the activities,
inside our 7-day!
Some relegate The Savior to
a couple hours each week,
when He is CONSTANT and inviting
ANY that would seek!
For RIGHT NOW is the time to praise Him:
any time at all!
Whenever you have got a minute,
He's right there, on call!
And it be nothing 'earthshaking!'
He longs to just converse!
Talk to Him about anything,
He's got the universe!

Too many people that I know
wait 'til Church or 'something's wrong'
to talk to God the Father, when
He's right here--all along!"
He WANTS to be involved in
everything that you must do!
And, constantly, not just on Sunday,

'Communing with Him ONCE a week.'
Of a truth, such will make you weak!!
A daily visitation, though,
will cause His energy to flow!!
And His incredible serenity
will come to dwell consistently!
Hope and joy will also be,
along with His great victory!

Jesus saved your soul so that you can commune with Him on a daily basis...NOT just when the church doors open!  Don't you know, God is greater than a building!  Far more than time or place!  He desires you all the time, everywhere!


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