Saturday, January 13, 2024

From Experience!

There are quite a few folks on this earth who are years behind this man.  Over these years accumulated, however, there is one truth I've noticed in people: 

There are quite a few years behind me
over some accumulated.
It is one truth that has, so many,
constantly frustrated!
For some reason, folks confide
in me their rate of pay
The disparity of such would raise
some eyebrows, I must say!

They talk more about what they do
than the quality!
The same, however, shows itself
whomever they may be.
The ones that work the hardest seem
to make the very least?!
You would think a 'degree' or two
would get their pay increased!
BUT NO!  It's 'popularity'
that gauges salary!
Not potential.  Not experience.
Not even quality!!
That sounds a little backwards, and
IT IS in Jesus' eyes!
He gauges us by what's inside,
and whether we are wise!
Therefore, regardless of your age,
experience or other,
can you take that talent and
teach it unto your brother?
Not JUST teach it.  Help him LEARN
the wisdom you possess?
Perhaps, then, a more fair pay grade,
it will start to bless!

I have seen corporate janitors do more than corporate executives when it comes to dealing with people and customers.  SUCH SHOULD NOT BE!  On the other hand, I have had company vice-presidents sit down with me, LISTEN, and explain how they WILL help.  Not MIGHT.  WILL!  God never ceases to amaze me!

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