Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Faith. Belief. Trust!

When we go to Jesus and ask Him to be our Saviour, we do so with faith that He will hear us, and belief that He will receive us.  Once we learn what He is like, that trust begins to build.  BUT we have to start somewhere...

Faith, belief, trust.

With God, they are a must!
But when a doubt commands,
The Lord, He understands!
He is greater than the same!
Just call upon His Name.
Ahead of you, He'll go,
so, victory, you'll know!

Yes, victory is assured,
delivered or endured.
Whatever you go through,
He's right there next to you!
Even when you 'feel' alone,
by multitudes, you're known!
Prayers--they're ceasing not!
A 'hearing' heart, He's got!
Not 'hearing only,' He,
responding perfectly
to each pressing need!
Who best to intercede?!

Faith.  Belief.  Trust.
Required be they each,
The Throne Room, for to reach!
If you lack one of them,
just say that unto Him!
From Him you'll get increase,
so you can live in peace!!

Faith.  Belief.  Trust.  The Lord not only requires them, He also produces the same in them that depend upon Him and belong to Him.  WHAT A WONDERFUL JESUS WE BELONG TO!

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