Monday, January 15, 2024

Daily Conditions

Daily Conditions.  One can never know what to expect in the days that are!  Here we are in Arkansas and it looks and feels more like Alaska!  But there is work to be done and, with the Help of God, it WILL get accomplished!

Solid white today,
as I join The Lord.
Time so very priceless,
yet ANY can afford!
Time to be redeemed
through the day awaiting.
So very much in it
worth celebrating!
Though wind-chill impales,
life--it is good still!
We must be very set
to carry out His Will.

Regardless of sights
adorning the land
we must be most-careful
with the tasks at hand!
In the present weather,
challenging be ALL!
Jesus has protection
to any who call! 

Savor all the beauty
as, to God, we cling!
He is our protection
against anything
in THIS life and AFTER!
Praise His Holy Name!
So, go do your best!
And, through it all, SING!

Conditions WILL NOT always be perfect until we are called away to His Side!  Therefore, press on, doing the best that you can, KNOWING that He is at your side, inside of you, all around you!  REGARDLESS OF CONDITIONS!

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