Thursday, January 11, 2024

Beyond 'Politician!'

If you are like me, you can look anywhere at any time these days and find a politician doing or saying something!  (Good or bad!)  However, I know One Leader Who is still in office and can do more than all other leaders combined!!  Do YOU know Him, too?

He never ran for office, yet
He changed all 'politics!'
His actions and His words, for they,
obliterated 'cliques!'
He didn't own a home and, yet,
He never went without.
He knew exactly where He'd lay
His head without a doubt!
He did not have a wallet filled
with multitudes of cash,
yet, He continues to provide
from Heaven's endless stash!
He was not a 'pastor' and, yet,
His followers still grow!
He's everywhere and everything,
and yet, you HAVE TO know!

One must know Him in the heart
and give to Him the all!
In turn, He will redeem your heart
and place, in You, His call!
He never studied medicine,
but He can make you whole!
And He guarantees an after-life
and saves your very soul!

His Name is JESUS--He is
everywhere and constantly.
Whatever it is you're going through,
His Presence there will be!
And His victory--it is assured
to ANY pressing on!
That 'blessed assurance' of The Lord
not ever will be gone!

HIS NAME IS JESUS!  And He is more and greater than anything that this world can offer!  Why not ask Him into YOUR heart today?  He will form a bond with you that will last beyond anything of this world, and you will know a love so true and pure that your whole life will change!


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