Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Beautiful and Bright!

Finally!  A day above freezing!  Growing up where we did, 'snow' was a once-in-a-lifetime event!  Here, however, it is a yearly event!  This year, however, the cold that came along with it is, hopefully, ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME!  Nonetheless, it IS beautiful...

So glorious the new day!
You can see forever!!
It must be done from inside, though,
the 'wind chill,' it will sever!
So refreshing it be to have
sunshine to return!
While a blessing be a place
'four' seasons we can learn!

We do so as we serve The One
Creator of all life.
Even the weather--when it seems
cut you like a knife!
Such is temporary, though,
soon will come the heat.
It is so wonderful to live
where the 'cycle' is complete!
The 'cycle' Father God ordained
prior to creation.
And 'complete' be them that, with
the Lord, would have relation!

Yes, FINALLY, the sun would shine
after many days!
It gives us yet another cause
to sing His endless praise!
He is holy, He is worthy,
no matter 'atmosphere!'
Especially a winter day
that, finally, be clear!

Never the same.  How the body reacts does, however!!  BUT GOD is faithful, loving, giving and kind as the years amass!

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