Monday, December 4, 2023

TRUE Matters!

THAT time of year...again!  If we let it, it will consume us!  BUT GOD intended this to be a time of CELEBRATION!  Not stressing over who gets what and who is going to be where and when!

So many people in our lives,

whomever we may be!
Those folks will have a value each
on our eternity!
The way they treat us matters less
than how our hearts react,
because they see the Lord inside us
and the way we act!
Whatever they may do to us
on any given day,
God, Himself, will compensate for
in HIS timely way!
See to it, though, that you
exemplify Him at all times,
even if their actions have
no reasons or no rhymes!

Not only during Christmas-time
when ALL should display such,
but AT ALL TIMES display the traits
of Jesus and His touch!
The One Who saves our souls, and makes
sure that our sins are DONE!
Knowing Him makes this time of year
so very much more fun!

JESUS!  JESUS!  He is why
THIS time, it is at all!
It's NOT the merchandise, the sales,
or the food!  IT IS HIS CALL!
Know Him for yourself and so
display Him where you are.
That will bring much more value to
ALL folks--both near and far!

So very busy and hectic can become the lives of some of us around this time of year, but THAT should NOT affect the way we treat I so often see that it does!  ENJOY this time, as the enemy does his very best to get a foothold ANYWHERE HE CAN!

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