Monday, December 11, 2023

This IS The Time!

This is a time of celebration, not competition!  It is about giving your BEST, not the MOST!  It is REALLY a time to celebrate the birthday of The One Who saves our souls--JESUS!

The holidays--so many things
to go wrong in this season!
So many folks to come up with
a myriad of reason!
But, when that combination is
so flawless and correct,
joy and satisfaction, they
so beautifully connect!"

And since it is HIS time of year,
we best connect with Him!
Jesus Christ, the Son of God--
His light will never dim!
For He avails Himself always
to anyone at all!
All we must do is, in all
sincerity, His Name, call!

For He will guide us through all that
'the holidays' have become.
So that, when celebrations cease,
victory be our sum!
However, if we are His Own,
is victory already.
And through the ups-and-downs of now
remain we ever steady.

The holidays--so many things
that differ from all days!
Jesus--whom it's all about
has oh so many ways!
Ways to make the days that are
so joyous and redeeming,
above the stress and craziness
that 'the world' is scheming!

Yes, even though folks are going as fast as they can to get as much as they can done, Jesus the Lord Himself would have us to ENJOY this time of year.  Not Compete!

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