Thursday, December 21, 2023

The Smells of Christmas!

There is one thing I look forward to at this time of year...and have for as long as I can remember:  THE SMELLS OF CHRISTMAS!  My sister picked it up from my mother, and my wife picked it up from them...AND added her own classics!!

Ahh...the season of Christmastime!
Like no other time of year!
So much baking!  Cooking, too!
Regardless who is here!
The Lord, He will be present here,
that is for very sure!
The kids and their kids, also, if
this weather will endure!

Time-tested recipes go on
as they have annually...
plus some new ones she is trying
to test on such as we!
Busy is she, ever-baking,
cooking what we love!
God, Himself, to give her strength
over and above!

Yes, the smells of Christmastime
as we celebrate
with memories of my mom, my sister--
so tasty and so great!
And dishes that my wife assembles!
"Tradition--"it's a precious gift
that NEVER can be 'bought!'

WE ARE SO BLESSED!  Though aging we may be, God sees to it that she has enough strength in her to put together a memorable celebration of His birth!


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