Friday, December 15, 2023

The Greater Gift

Being in retail, THIS IS A WONDERFUL TIME!  However, we have put Jesus by the wayside in place of $$$!  Of a truth, WE MISSED IT!  I know so many folks who would rather have our presence instead of our presents!!

It is a time of giving, but

it's not ALWAYS about a 'gift!'
Most folks already have it all,
they just need a little 'lift!'
For God has ways of making things
to be abundant so,
but I know oh so many who
desire just to 'know!'
They need to know somebody cares,
who feels and understands...
they need to know they're are more
that don't have 'just demands...'
they need to know that there are others
who KNOW what they go through!
Just to know somebody else
completely changes view!

So, in this time of giving that
retailers prepare for aye,
seek out those gifts that can't be bought
and dispense them through the day!!
For God knows WHO and WHAT and WHERE
to use each precious gift,
and He vows that, as we give HIS WAY,
we'll also get a lift!

Not ALL 'presents' can be 'purchased,'
they must come from the heart!
And each and every one of us
are able to impart
those 'things' that are so necessary
in this world where we are!
GIVE OF THE HEART, my precious friend,
and JOY will not be far!

Watching the scrambling of folks in the days that are.  Scrambling to get to certain places to get the exact gift for this person or that!  WHOA!!  That's not what CHRISTMAS is all about! But, unfortunately, that is what it has 'commercially' become!!  Jesus has a much better way!  You would not believe how many folks are nearby who just want friendship and company! 

In HIS Service,
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