Saturday, December 2, 2023

Specific Servants

Specific servants.  God has them, and He places them in everyone's life!  They are there with specific purposes and talents.  We may never know who they are until He calls us home, but they are out there.  Appreciate the ones you recognize!

There are folks that God puts in each one's life.

They assist and help you in all strife.
They judge you not in what you do.
They freely share their wisdom, too!
They criticize not, for they advise,
because they are so very wise!
So wealthy, them, to know such folk,
and take to heart all truth that's spoke!

God gifts our lives accordingly,
as He knows that, different, we each be.
He knows who to put when and where,
and knows the 'talents' will be there
to see that we all are victorious!
Thus, He remains ever glorious!
He does so without 'fanfare' or recognition.
That's why we praise Him of our own condition!

Those servants placed strategically
are throughout the lives of such as we!
They serve Him of their own volition,
without recompense or admonition!
Do they so due His obedience,
so, fills He them with uncommon sense!
They are everywhere throughout your day.
They seek no favor, grace or pay.
They only desire, for you, the best.
That's why they labor at HIS request!

Look around you.  Look inside you.  Do you know anyone like this?  You know who they are!  ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?!  God bless you abundantly if you are.  They are appreciated, necessary, and it is folks like these who encourage, inspire and make the rest of us to try and do our best!  GOD BLESS YOU!!

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