Sunday, December 31, 2023

So Live!!

"Thank You, Father God!  Each of us reading this can thank You for taking us through another year, girded and protected by You, and provided for in Your endless ways!  YOU ARE SO GOOD!"

Another year behind us...
another year ahead.
By the leading of His Spirit,
once more, are we led!
What will the year in front of us
contain that we'll go through?
God, Himself, He knows that answer
for this man and for you!
But will you keep on trusting, taking
one day then the next?
To 'live just in the moment' has
a lot of folks perplexed!
We can plan. We can prepare,
but, when that moment comes,
God, alone, He is the One
Who tallies all the sums!

So, LIVE, ye blessed people,
as if each day is your last!
Enjoy the life you live--for it
goes by but all too fast! 
There is way too much in this life
that we can yet enjoy,
if, but the gifts engrained in us,
we would just employ!

Another year behind us.  Another year ahead of us.  All by the grace of God Most High!  He is good.  He is merciful.  He has allowed us to pass another milestone.  (Some easier than others!)  But here we are nonetheless!  VICTORIOUS!

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