Saturday, December 16, 2023

Rember to CELEBRATE!

The year approaches the end.  Before it does, however, we get to celebrate the Son of God, Jesus, Savior of the soul!  HALLELUJAH!!

Just days before the day of Jesus-

Savior of the soul!
Him Who generates true joy
and makes the body whole!
Getting done what must be done
while there is yet some time,
so that, as we all celebrate His birth,
everything will rhyme!

The children--they are coming soon!
All of them reside in heart,
but none of them live near!
The Holidays are special as
we get to be together,
regardless of the finances,
regardless of the weather!

However, most important in
this yearly, busy season
is making sure we celebrate
Christ Jesus!  HE IS THE REASON!
Regardless of the amount of 'gifts,'
Christ Jesus, He gave all!
Thus, the most important event
is that, His Name, we call!

So, celebrate as best you can
have fun, gather and give,
but leave not out The Son of God,
The One who makes us live!
There'd be no 'Christmas' time at all
had He not come to earth,
had He not given us His all--
establishing our worth!

I know, there is so much for most of us to get done before December 25.  If it is overwhelming, then you are surely trying to do too much!  It's a celebration, remember?  ENJOY these days, and see to it that others do, as well!

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