Thursday, December 28, 2023

Newer Life!

Christmas is behind us now?  Oh, but the life ahead for those who have Him alive in our hearts!  

Perfect love...unending joy...
overcoming peace....
From the Son of God Most High,
such wonders never cease!
Regardless of the day or date--
from time is He immune!
With anyone who calls His Name
He freely will commune!

There be no limits to the lengths
that Jesus Christ will go
to become your Loving King,
eternity to know!
For such, He left His lofty throne,
a Perfect Place above!
The ONLY ONE forgiving sin
and giving Perfect love!

Every gift that's good and perfect
comes from high above!
They come to us with but ONE motive:
everlasting love!
Return that love to Him, my friend,
by making Him your own!
Repent from what you should not do,
and JESUS will atone! 

Life with Jesus inside our hearts.  There is nothing else in this world that compares to it!  Know Him for yourself, my friends!  You will NEVER be the same!

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