Saturday, December 23, 2023

Motives of the Heart

Almost Christmas Day.  Excited!  Amazed!  Blessed...and wiped out!  I often wonder what Jesus thinks when we go through this each year...

So very much has taken place
in the prior weeks.
It will be yet a couple more
before the season peaks.
But, on this day, the busyness-
it is set aside.
And, as the rain drops slowly, it is
God who's glorified!

We glorify Him as we honor
His Son Jesus' birth!
Him Who gives, through belief,
our soul its greatest worth!
Him Who never leaves our side
as we press on ahead,
doing that to which we're called,
and that to which we're led!

Though 'busy' is daily 'busyness,'
time with Jesus matters most!
He can keep us each from getting
stressed-out or engrossed!
He can keep us focused through
the days upon us now.
His perfect peace availed to us,
His healing Blood avow!
His constant Presence is about us
as we call His Name.
To savor all that Jesus is
is truly why He came!

Regardless how much is required
in the weeks that are,
knowing Jesus is the Reason
helps us to go far!
He strengthens and empowers us,
emboldens us, as well.
No matter how much must be done,
it is HIS TIME to tell!

Trying to get everything done so that everything is perfect for whomever visits.  Why must we make it warrant so much stress?!  If those who are visiting are judging us by what we've done and how much is presented, then they are SURELY coming for the wrong reason!


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