Thursday, December 14, 2023

MORE than 'A Time of Year!'

Yes, it is 'that time of year.'  A lot of folks I know dread it.  Still others see it only as a time to make money!  It IS, however, THE celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, God's very Son!  Let us NEVER lose sight of that!

Christmas time approaching
The merchants started months ago
for the great windfall!!
The section we have set aside
down at the mercantile
is getting thin and patchy so
than any other aisle!

And Christmas time approaches, proven
by the kitchen table!
It's getting filled with cookies, treats
and pies when she is able!
All to be consumed by friends
and family--come and go.
She 'set the bar' for Christmas treats
for anyone to know!

But Christmas time approaches for
to celebrate HIS Child!
Jesus Christ--the Son of God,
humble, meek and mild.
So many, the 'logistics' just
for Jesus to be born!
BUT GOD, He made it all work out--
eternity to adorn!!

Oh, listen to the heavenlies--
the voices and the horn!
Christmas time approaching, crying out
Oh, make Him King of your own soul!
He will forgive your sin!
And 'Christmas time,' for it will never
be the same again!!

Yes, Christmas time is upon us.  Make sure you know it's TRUE meaning, my friend!  Sure, there will be parties...presents...foods and festivities, but, at it's core, is JESUS CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD!


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