Friday, December 15, 2023

More Challenging!

In the busy world we are in, it can seem that just 'living life' can be a challenge!  And the closer we get to His Return, the more 'challenging' it may feel...

Challenges are escalating 
in the days remaining.
The closer we to His return,
the more 'the good' be waning!
The closer we to His return,
receiving all His own,
the more corruption and deceit
become completely known!

The challenges be for 'the honest'
to navigate these times.
To make sense of the 'verses,' though
be absent all the 'rhymes!'
To make sense of what's going on
around us all the day,
we MUST return unto the basics
and The Narrow Way!
There is a path for EVERYONE,
a path to victory!
It's led by Jesus Christ, the Lord,
and it's for such as we!

The challenges, they shall continue
and get more intense.
It's NOT a time for anybody
'straddling the fence!'
Secure must we be in The Lord
for days through which we go,
and for those challenges awaiting
that He, alone, can know!
However, past those 'challenges'
For them that know Christ in the heart
await Those Pearly Gates!
Then to be rewarded for
all 'challenges' we've known,
and for the seeds of His salvation
that, through this life, we've sown!

Those 'challenges' are every day, wherever you are, whomever you are.  However, IF you are living a life led by Jesus Christ, those 'challenges' will still come, but you will have The Helper to get you through them!

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