Monday, December 18, 2023

Merry Christmas, Steve!

"'Tis the season of giving..."  
However, so many folks in our lives are in the 'receiving' line, instead!  I had one man come into the store today.  Afar off, I saw him coming.  When he raised his hands up and started to laugh, I knew immediately who it is!  For God has blessed us with a friendship that has lasted over 30 years! 

'Your visit and your friendship-
since over 30 years ago!
After some painful years, following
a tragedy to know!
The ONLY ONE providing labor
to 'a marked man,'
you and Ron, you took me in
without intent or plan!!
The Lord used you to teach this man
how 'business' SHOULD be run,
to satisfy the customer
all while having fun!
To handle 'situations' that
arose throughout the day...
to do my best and BE MYSELF
regardless of the pay!
From entertaining guests in lobby
to handling much cash.
The lessons that I learned from you
are in my deepest stash!
And now, those lessons and experience
have put me in a place-
a position of authority-
wisdom and much grace!

Steve, you mean so much to this man
and have for quite a while:
your friendship, wisdom and your laughter,
and that infectious smile!
Continue being who you are
for as long as you can!
You have such effect on life, this family
and, especially, THIS MAN!

A few times in a lifetime, certain folks come into your life that make that life better...see the best in you...and stand by your side no matter what.  Steve Smith, thank you for following Jesus' example by 'being there,' and making lives matter!

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