Friday, December 1, 2023

Lifting up A Pillar!

God Most High causes you to cross paths with folks over the years, folks that affect you for the rest of your life!  There is a lady on this planet who has an impact on the whole!  Her name is Harriet.  I have known her for over 20 years now, and our relationship came to be by, of all things, an email that I sent to someone else!
She runs a prayer website that has members from all over the world.  Now, she is aging, and she is in need of OUR prayers...

How do you pray for one who prays
for everyone at all?
Regardless of your color, class
or 'preference,' she will call!
She doesn't only 'listen' to you,
she 'feels' the need you've got!
And she makes sure that, unto Someone,
you're worth a very lot!

Yes, a woman, oh so valuable,
right now, has a great need!
For her health, her strength, her life,
we ALL must intercede!
You may not even know her, save
for what this man has said,
but if you'll join me praying for her,
to victory you'll be led!

'Harriet, you have touched so many!
Allow us touch you now!
Everything that you have need of,
He uses oh so many vessels,
(as YOU so clearly know!)
We pray His health, His blessings and
His strength you'll daily know!
Too, we pray your vision, it
becomes so very clear!
All because, to oh so many,
you are so very dear!'

If everyone who reads this prayer request would join with me in prayer, then pass it on to others, I KNOW that God will answer it, and Harriet will feel better and have the strength she needs to press on!


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