Monday, December 18, 2023

Let NOTHING prevent Christmas!!!

Holidays.  Celebration.  Joy.  Peace.  Hope.  THAT is what we are supposed to be focused on as we celebrate the birthday of JESUS!!  However, this world will do all it can to keep you from doing that....

In every corner, there is fear,

and danger everywhere.
To just be comfortable in our homes--
it causes such a scare!
We spend so much on 'motion' lights
and cameras, all around;
when we COULD celebrate His birthday
being safe and sound!

IT IS CHRISTMAS!  It is time
to celebrate Christ's birth!
It's NOT a time to worry what
our property is worth!!
It is a time of Joy, of Peace,
a time of grace revival!
A time to make amends with each
and every single rival!
To be not detracted at this time
with all the 'happenings!'
Focus, ye, instead always
on happy, 'Jesus' things!
For they are all around this life,
placed by Almighty God,
as He KNEW there would be events
to make our living flawed!

BUT IT IS CHRISTMAS!!  Shift our focus
to Great Jesus Christ!
Know Joy and Perfect Peace because
of all He sacrificed!
Focus on our families
and friends throughout these days.
And, surely, unto God the Father,

IT IS CHRISTMAS!  Yet so much happens in so many places to detract us from celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ Himself!  DON'T ALLOW IT!  For Jesus is more worthy of our attention than anything else!

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