Tuesday, December 19, 2023

How do I gift 'perfection?'

December 20.  And I STILL feel like I haven't done enough for the one who married me!!  I hope Vicki will help me when she is home for a few days...

It is a time so beautiful:
The One Whom it is all about-
for He is so sublime!
People singing...people giving...
gathering together!
NOTHING to affect our joy,
not even any weather!

It is Christmas--but what to get
the woman that I love?
She makes certain love and care,
my life is so full of!
She gets me where I'm going and
she gets me safely home!
Giving me no reason for
my eyes or feet to roam!

What do you 'purchase' for someone who
says that she has everything!
For over 42 years she's done this,
since she put on my ring!
I know she has some needs that only
Jesus can provide!
Yet she remains my greatest support-
ever at my side!

There are a few ideas that
are rattling around my heart.
But to accomplish them, our daughter's
help I must impart.
That being said, I KNOW that she
will be pleased Christmas Day!
For 42 years and counting, she
has always been that way!

Not ever has my wife complained about anything I have gotten her.  I AM SO VERY BLESSED!  I pray that she will be even happier this year!

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