Saturday, December 9, 2023

Christmas Dilemma

December 9, 2023.  It is a day to celebrate my daughter who just passed medical school!  However, I would have no daughter to celebrate were it not for God creating the incredible woman that decided to marry me and make our Holidays a lot smoother and brighter!

How many are the years behind me
spending Christmas times,
driving places in a red suit,
making others' primes?
Now that my own are grown and gone
with children of their own,
how do I fete that awesome lady
who has made marriage known?

For years, she's gotten little, while
this man gets everything!
42 years, since Christmas, 1981,
since she put on my ring!
Now, here I am, too little for
that suit that many seek!
Having to think for myself and find
gifts for that girl unique!

I am blessed!  SO blessed but every day
with all that I require.
I labor at a business that,
my services, desire.
But she's no longer able to,
because she gave so much--
making sure the elderly
received a loving touch!

But here am I now, pondering
how to gift her properly.
The children make sure that we have 
what's needed so by she!
She tells us every day that she 
has all she could desire;
and God, Himself, sees to it that
we never lose that fire!

What to do...what to do?!  What do you do for a woman who tells you that she has all that she has ever wanted?!  
Debby Busby, you are truly one-of-a-kind!  When God fashioned you, He broke the mold!  And then He placed you into my life!  I am the wealthiest man on earth!

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