Monday, December 11, 2023

Business Day

As I step out into the day that is, I notice real fast that this is NOT the upper 60's weather we had last week!  It IS, however, another day that God has blessed us with, and we must soon go to our places of employment and give our best once again...

A crispy winter morning is,
so frosty and so bright!
Because His birth is very near,
I rise with great delight!
Already do the birds recite
a glorious Christmas hymn!
One of adoration that
exalts and praises HIM!

So busy later on will be
in town and everywhere,
so I use this early morning, with
my Risen Lord, to share!
It is His birthday!  With oh so much
joy we celebrate!
And it is one day closer for
those who appreciate!
He is worthy--for the new life
unto all, availed...
He is worthy--for the sunshine
that has never failed!
He is worthy--for the love
none other can provide...
He is worthy--for His promise
of The Other Side!

A crisp, bright winter morning
making this man to arise,
knowing opportunity
but everywhere, it lies!
GET UP!  Get out and glorify
The Lord in all you do!
For God Most High, He will so
accompany you, too!

Whatever it is that you must do today, make an effort to appreciate God and all of His creations!  I promise you, you will be greatly blessed!

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