Saturday, December 2, 2023

Amazing Us!

Look around you.  Your eyes may only catch 'the gloom of winter,' but, trust me, there is so much more going on...

The shrubs have disappeared for now,
leaving branches bare.
A network the remaining birds
so navigate with care!
How do they fly so fast throughout
the tightly-woven maze?
It is a form of entertainment
that serves for to amaze!
They utilize the feeders I
have hung throughout the trees...
the little wonders ever brave
the bite that's in the breeze!
Marvel, we, though, at the speed
they navigate the shrubs!
Using such to hide, as their
'communication hubs!'

Yet another wonder straight
out of The Father's hand!
Even when it is so cold
that we can't hardly stand!
So watch we from the windows as
they fly about the land,
and in and out of shrubbery
with ease and great command!

"Thank You for amazing us, Lord,
with Your simplicity!
We're grateful that You share these priceless
gems with such as we!"

Wherever you are, whomever you are, take note of how Creator God assists His creations about you regardless of what the season holds!  I promise you, His hand is closer than you think!


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