Sunday, December 3, 2023

Alternative Reality

This life contains so much that we really hadn't counted on!  However, everything happening everywhere is known to One...AND YOU CAN KNOW HIM PERSONALLY!

The Lord, He's everlasting!
His love, it never ends!
It will continue even after
His each Own ascends!
He is above all 'politics'
that go on everywhere!
His throne is in eternity.
Dispenses He from There!

All that happens anywhere,
unto The Lord, is known!
The Lord, for He is in control--
God, and God alone!
Throughout the hours of the day
directs our steps, does He!
Throughout the same, a constant
conversation, savor we!

He is so very, very real
no matter WHO you are!
And, no matter where you go,
He is not ever far!
There's no more loving, caring 'person'
that could ever be
than the Triune God around
Who knows ALL personally!

Know Him for yourself, my friend!  Things will go in your favor.  Peace that cannot be explained will reside inside of you.  His wisdom within you will cause you to see and know things that others cannot figure out!  There is so much GOOD to having Him as your Savior!  TRUST ME!


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